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Packaged HVAC systems are a small and convenient way to get both the heating and cooling you and your business or commercial facility need from one comprehensive unit.

These systems may be purely electric or could combine the power of both gas and electricity to offer you superior, energy efficient climate control in one small, economical package.

Whether you need a new heater to stay warm in winter or are looking for cooling relief in sweltering summer heat, our Norwalk commercial heating and cooling team can provide you with the perfect packaged HVAC system!

Want to add a packaged system to your business or commercial facility? Call the Norwalk heating and cooling team from T&H Mechanical at 203-644-1098 now to receive more information!

Why Go With a Packaged System?

Packaged systems combine the power of heating and cooling into one single unit for optimal use of space and energy consumption.

Businesses which have particularly large facilities with flat rooftops are among those who can benefit the most from this technology because it can easily be outfitted to a rooftop for optimal placement and use of space.

While a traditional split HVAC system has an indoor and an outdoor unit, a packaged system combines both heating and cooling functions into one box, which is then conveniently hidden out of sight on your roof, maximizing the space around your building for parking, landscaping, and more.

Electric or Gas?

In some cases, a packaged system uses electricity for both heating and cooling, especially in warm climates where heat pumps aren’t inhibited by temperatures that dip to levels which are too low. Other units are called “dual fuel” systems, which combine the power of both gas and electricity for maximum comfort. In the summer, your electric heat pump functions as your air conditioner, providing cooling and humidity control throughout your facility. In winter, your system switches over to a gas-burning furnace, which can produce the heat you need in even the coldest conditions. Unlike a traditional split system, both your heated and cooled air are produced by the same system.

Advantages of Packaged Options

Packaged systems are great for those who are looking for a heating and cooling alternative that’s smaller, convenient, and uses less energy, but still has the power to condition a larger space.

Mini-split systems are generally only large enough to cool or heat a small room, like a bedroom . This makes them pretty much useless in most commercial settings aside from a small office.

Package systems can heat or cool everything from large office buildings to factories and warehouses.

Packaged HVAC units enjoy:

  • Versatility: Rooftop package systems offer you outstanding heating and cooling without taking up valuable extra space on your property. This makes them great for flat-roofed buildings and businesses!
  • Easy installation: These systems are far easier to install and maintain than a normal split system, which means you’ll enjoy a comfortable facility sooner and with far less trouble! These systems are great for those who are adding air conditioning to a building that has never previously had it.
  • Reduced noise: Because there’s no indoor unit, these systems can be quite a bit quieter to operate than a traditional split system, which means more comfort without the added obnoxious noise.

Because package systems don’t have to pump refrigerant between two different units. This ensures that your equipment is kept out of the way and you can maximize your usable space in your facility. The lack of a pump which carries heated and cooled refrigerant to and from the different units can save you a bundle on your energy costs.

Bring the comfort you’ve been looking for into your business or commercial facility! Contact T&H Mechanical to learn more about a package HVAC system today!
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