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A central air conditioning system is not something the average homeowner can service with a toolbox and a manual. Professionals train for years to recognize trouble with air conditioners and decide on a proper method of repair. This is a skill you cannot learn from a book in a day. Whether you have a ductless air conditioning system, a heat pump, or a conventional heat pump, our technicians can service it. Call us today to learn more about our repair, installation, and maintenance services, and why our NATE–certified technicians are qualified for the job.

Is It Time for a New Air Conditioning Installation?

There’s more to installing a whole–home air conditioning system than simply plugging in the unit. A technician needs to take steps to determine which system is the right one for your home. Our experts will measure your home and ask you questions about your house, your budget, and your family to make sure you get a quality air conditioning installation that works for everyone in your home. Call us today to get started.

Call Our Air Conditioning Repair Specialists When Your System Struggles

Don’t wait too long to give your air conditioning system the attention it needs to continue to perform to your standards. If your air conditioning system has trouble starting up or reaching the temperature set on the thermostat, the damage to the system may be small. But give it enough time and multiple components may start to fail, leading to higher repair costs. Call our friendly team right away instead!

Learn about Our Heating Services

Our NATE–certified experts have been in the heating industry for many years and receive regular training, so they know a thing or two about heating systems. We install and service boilers, furnaces, ductless heating systems, and heat pumps, and we serve up excellent customer service while we are at it. We offer routine maintenance services, and we keep impeccable records for the systems we service. To learn more about these heating services, just get in touch with one of our skilled, friendly professionals.

Which Heating Installation Would You Prefer?

Many homeowners prefer the low initial pricing and the reliability of the standard gas furnace. The electric furnace is an option for those without natural gas service in the home. But if you want to spring for long–lasting comfort and unbeatable efficiency, you may decide on a high–efficiency boiler. Discuss your needs with T&H Mechanical Systems to learn which unit is best for you.

Schedule Heating Unit Repair with Certified Technicians

Our NATE–certified technicians have all of the proper training for any Wilton heating repair. We will follow all safety procedures and industry standards when it comes to diagnosing and repairing any particular type of heating issue. We will present you with an honest assessment of the issue, and we won’t try to push a service that you don’t need. You can trust us to put your comfort over all else.

Common Indoor Air Quality Issues in Wilton, CT

One of the most common reasons homeowners call us to install a new air purifier or air filtration device is because someone in the home has asthma or allergies and is suffering from the symptoms. But you may also decide to call us because the air in the home is stuffy and stale. An indoor air quality system for all sorts of comfort and health issues. We carry and install whole–home humidifiers and dehumidifiers so that the air is never too moist or too dry. We can also provide services for the whole–home air quality systems already in place in your HVAC system.

Can You Benefit from a Dehumidifier or a New Humidifier?

These are our most popular indoor air quality systems because low and high levels of humidity can have a major effect on someone’s comfort. A dehumidifier takes moisture out of the air, which allows the air to feel cooler and less “stuffy” and prevents mold growth. A humidifier adds enough moisture in dry conditions so that your skin and sinuses do not dry out.

Installation and Expert Services for Water Heaters

We install conventional tank water heaters, tankless water heaters, and heat pump water heaters (also known as a hybrid water heater). And although we may not have been the company to install your water heater in the first place, we can still offer you replacement, repair, and maintenance services. Our specialists have the proper tools and know–how to service any type of system and make sure it is in tip–top shape. Contact our water heater experts today for expert services from people you can trust.

Is a Heat Pump Water Heater an Option?

When you are researching alternatives to the standard tank water heater, the most common option you find is probably the tankless water heater. But there is another efficient option you may not have heard of: the heat pump water heater. This unit, which is sometimes referred to as a hybrid water heater, uses electricity and refrigeration to move heat into the tank. Ask a technician in Wilton, CT if this is right for you.

Commercial HVAC in Wilton, CT

A commercial HVAC system that is 25 tons in size or smaller has certain service needs that are more difficult for a standard residential technician to assess. Your commercial HVAC system may not be as large as some, but you still do not want an inexperienced technician handling any of the repairs or maintenance it requires over the years. For commercial air conditioners, packaged units, boilers, thermostats, air purifiers, and more in Wilton, CT, just contact T&H Mechanical Systems.

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